– When is Quintessence coming out?

Although the project was in development for more than five years now and a lot of progress has been achieved, the official day of release is unknown. Quintessence belongs to one of those projects that are titled as”early access”, which means that the development is going on constantly for a long period of time. It is a very ambitious project, which takes a long time to “finish” given the fact that there are but a few people behind it. Public alpha and beta stages will be announced soon, estimated launch – end of 2016 or early 2017.

– Will Quintessence provide any donation options in exchange for in-game rewards?

Quintessence will not have donations in exchange for in-game items, titles, cosmetic stuff or any other in-game value. We strive to achieve a complex player run economy which will be heavily influenced by economic competition and cooperation. This goal will be hard if not impossible to achieve in case in-game rewards are being offered in exchange for fundraising.

– In the project description you mention real economic model and the fact that gold is not generated in loot. What will be PVM used for?

A lot of crafting materials as well as socio-political regulation will be influenced by PVM action. Materials like skin hides, bones, animal/monster body parts (eye of a troll, dragon tooth, batwing et cetera) will be used in leatherwork, alchemy, blacksmithing and other producing skills. Besides, Quintessence will not have a static world spawn where each group of monsters spawns in a certain time period in a certain place. Random or global event-triggered monster invasions will appear at some point (based on concrete economic or even weather conditions, not merely produced by the Game Masters). For instance, players will have to get rid of that forest troll haunting the nearby forest otherwise the trade routes, which will play an important role in the world’s economy, in this region will become dangerous.

– Tell me more about the “global event”.

Imagine if Frodo could not reach the Mount Doom and destroy a ring if some goons would prevent him from doing so. At this point Tolkien’s world would perish in chaos. This is an example of a global event. There will not be any automatically filled quest journals or NPC’s that give specific routine tasks nor there will be repeating quests for each player to repeat over and over again as in other MMO’s. The Global Event will take place in the world regardless of player involvement and the consequences of the story development can be far-reaching.

– Tell me about random events.

We strongly believe that online worlds that are designed in the majority if not all online RPG’s are static, with little action going on except for what was previously scripted (gargoyles are spawned at the same place for months/years, not so much is going on in the cities). This will be radically changed in Quintessence. Imagine getting robbed by thieves in dark corners of a city suburb, in case city’s crime level is high, a small pack of orcs crawling around the town at night-time or a dragon suddenly flies past the travellers or a peacefully working farmer.

– Sounds complicated, what are the chances that the project will be actually complete?

Indeed, it is an ambitious project made by the hardcore RPG fans specifically for the like-minded players. However, we have all the assets and skills in order to “complete” Quintessence, which itself is impossible as it will be constantly developed given its wide range of complex features and ideas. The fact that only few people are actively developing it and do it in their free time makes it even harder to predict any specific deadlines. However, most of the complex systems, including Client Shell (which is basically a Quintessence it its technical form), combat system, crafting and other game elements are implemented (some are more than others).

We are not looking for somebody to create a world inspired by our ideas and the game is being actively developed by ourselves. That being said, Quintessence will soon see its pre-alpha and the later stages of development. The open beta stage will be a phase when most of the systems, including economic ones will be introduced and players will be able to enjoy a gameplay while the staff will keep updating as many issues will probably be encountered, provided that some of our core ideas were never fulfilled before in any game, which means we can only learn from our own mistakes.

– What about the Roleplay aspect of Quintessence? Will RP behavior be forced?

Quintessence will not be a classic strictly-roleplay type of an online game or a D&D based session. We differentiate between a roleplaying activity, such as someone creating his/her own character, with his/her own background, attitude, activity et cetera and the theatre. By “theatre” I mean a common problem with many online roleplaying attempts to create a strictly limited environment based on specific storyline and rules which all of the players have to follow. Our stance on gameplay is not to forcibly form player’s behavior by adding strict theatrical rules to conduct policy. Instead, Quintessence’s gameplay is based on a lot of gameplay mechanisms, which will shape roleplaying. In other words, if there is nothing to bind a prisoner with, such as a rope, then players will not be encouraged to “roleplay” a guard and a prisoner, who can yet freely walk but is often forced to act as if he is tied up in most of the theatrical roleplaying environments. Needless to say, Quintessence will allow such in-game mechanisms and players will not be forced to roleplay when the situation does not require.

However, we also believe that some form of roleplaying regulation must take place in order to create that social interaction that we try to achieve. Moderating (unique) character names during the process of char creation is just one of examples of how roleplaying atmosphere will be structured. But other than that, you can be whoever you want as ideally the society will regulate player’s action not the RP rules.

– Can I add a suggestion?

We have outlined long term goals for Quintessence and are constantly “think tanking” new ideas and how to combine them. Yet, the player test will be needed in order to see any critical bugs and design problems, before we can say that system A is finished and is ready to be revealed to the public. Nonetheless, you can use a feedback form. Soon we will have a fully English-based website and forums completed to support wider audience, where primary discussion and user activity will take place.