[Devblog] Demonstration of UO: Quintessence’s complete redesign of game client’s User Interface

I would like to apologize to whoever is keeping an eye on the developer’s blog for not posting new content the last few weeks. Work at the UO: Quintessence is booming and today we would like to share a new update with you.

Today we introduce one of the new UO: Quintessence elements to make UO great again – a complete overhaul of UO game client’s design, which unlike many other redesigning attempts includes:

  1. A redesign of each in-game client’s features and visuals, which not only includes new gumps over the old ones, but also new features available in the User Interface;
  2. Bilingual support of the redesign – each new gump and the text is available in English and Russian languages to support respective playerbases in the future;
  3. A lot of changes in the client work and UI. For instance, once a player enters his or her password, he is either automatically moved to the world (skipping all previous screens that UO players got used to, including server choice and character selection screen) or a character creation process starts immediately;
  4. A unique character creation process which is not only server-side but is also coded in the client itself.

The following are some of the key points of the UO: Quintessence redesign demonstartion (video links are available in the end):

pic-20161201-185932English-based client version (work in progress)


pic-20161201-174532Character creation screens starts soon after first login, not in-game. New hair and beard style choices, starting clothing, race and gender, and the character’s name go here


pic-20161201-175118Tarot-like cards that randomly generate your characters starting stats and abilities in the process of character creation (on this screenshot, from left to right: the Hero, the Wanderer, the Hermit cards)


pic-20161201-175743Demonstration of a map selection screen with a map region-scrolling feature

Due to the fact that UO: Quintessence’s map is 4x time larger than UO’s original Felluca, we decided to divide the mainland map into several regions in the location screen by adding customly-drawn maps instead of the static map copies. Players will be able to choose from three different regions, each of a size of Felluca.




Animated paperdoll,  which displays the day-night cycle in real time (greatly affects gameplay)



Annoying “black aura” which is used in UO to remove hair on the paperdoll if a character is wearing plate armor is fixed on UO: Quint


pic-20161201-182025Complete Options menu overhaul with new features added and the unused ones removed

For instance, one can choose from and change different Upscale features which would change the drawing of pixelated graphics without having to restart the client.


New journal, which now features different text filtes and is no more limited to 100 messages as original UO client 


And many more! Please click on the video links and share with your friends 🙂


UO Quint devblog – User Interface Preview part 1 (video)

UO Quint devblog – User Interface Preview part 2 (video)

UO Quint devblog – User Interface Preview part 3 (video)


P.S. Soundtrack, which is featured in the videos is original UO: Quintessence soundtrack 


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